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The Veterans Administration (VA) has an underused pension benefit that may help offset the cost of long-term care for Veterans and their surviving spouses, called Veteran’s Aid and Attendance or Housebound benefits. Unfortunately, many Veterans and their families are in the dark about this benefit and never apply for it.

This benefit is not to be confused with a Veteran’s disability benefits. Those service-connected benefits are calculated based on the Veteran’s disability rating. To qualify for VA Aid and Attendance, a veteran must have served 90 consecutive days, with at least one full day being during wartime. However, this does not mean that the Veteran had to serve in combat, and the Veteran does not need a disability rating to qualify.

The monthly payment is added to the regular VA pension to assist with the cost of caring for a homebound Veteran or their surviving spouse. The monthly benefit amount can range from $1,317.00 for a surviving spouse to $2,050.00 for a Veteran in need of homecare with a surviving spouse.

While there are asset and income restrictions placed on those who receive the benefits, even Veterans with assets and income over the legal limits may still qualify for benefits if careful planning is done before application.

Like government benefit programs like Medicaid, VA Aid and Attendance has a look-back period and has income and asset qualifications that must be met to qualify.

If you or your spouse are Veterans and would like more information on qualifying for VA Aid and Attendance benefits, reach out today and let us help you determine your eligibility.

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